About Our Club

Our incoming board for the 2019/2020 Rotary year is as follows...

President - Rtn Butch Coetzee
Club Secretary & President Elect: Gordon Thompson 
Membership and Youth: Jacqui Mauer
Quantum projects and the Rotary Foundation: Lauren Brady
Finances & The Curlewis Trust: Rick Tudhope
Public Image & Marketing: Sibusiso Ngalwa
Service Projects and Fundraising: Gerrie Hattingh
Director of Administration, the Rotary Global Rewards Program and also Club Sergeant at Arms: Roger Williams


The Rotary Club of Gately was established in 1970 when Past District Governor Arthur Markson was commissioned to promote Rotary International policy by forming the third Rotary club in East London.

The area of the proposed rotary club was defined to the west of Oxford Street, including the Gately Industrial Township, and incidentally, Gately House itself, which was the former home of John Gately, ‘the father of East London”. The name Gately thus has significant historical connotations, and the new club was appropriately called the Rotary Club of Gately.
The Charter Dinner was held at the Hotel Kennaway on 26th November 1970, and District Governor Tim Murray presented the Club Charter and inducted Dick MacLaren as the First President of the Rotary Club of Gately. There were 21 Charter Members. The Gately Charter members were:

  1. Ray Cole
  2. Jack Swart
  3. Les Kietzman
  4. Leon du Plessis
  5. Angus Mc Lellan
  6. Pieter Opperman
  7. Dick MacClaren
  8. Ronnie Ansley
  9. Dave Lewis
  10. Norman Kowarski
  11. Bennie Armist
  12. Max Phillips
  13. Ivan Zulman
  14. Brick Bradford
  15. John Fletcher
  16. Godfrey Radloff
  17. Cedric Vice
  18. John Meier
  19. Warwick Cherry
  20. Les Belikoff

Poignantly, PDG Arthur Markson passed away after the Charter Dinner.

Nowadays Gately Rotary boasts a membership of 50 Rotarians who meet every Tuesday of the month at Regent Hotel at lunchtime.

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Gately Rotary's vision and strategic plan

vision gately rotary stategic plan

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