Find Your Voice

Active and Ethical Leadership

A Young Adult Leadership Development Programme

We aim to cultivate leaders with integrity, who can build positive relationships and are active citizens, willing to put service above self.

We will focus on practical leadership skills and the art of using your leader voice appropriately and effectively.

A strong emphasis on personal growth, purpose, reflection, group engagement and current research and presentation - for ages 25 - 35..

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 What is business saying about this?

“Shaun has shown tremendous growth in terms of his leadership ability, ethical behaviour and also his active involvement and ability to work with others.”
Birch Bruce

“Matthew has a better understanding of business as a whole and as such knows and understands how his activities, actions, performance and contributions affect the business and the team. He has actively engaged with colleagues from the lowest levels through to Board members with confidence and meaningful input.”
Freshmark Systems

“Patience is more conscious of her thoughts and actions. She has shown maturity and growth when answering questions in our meetings.”
Standard Bank


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What are delegates saying?

“My journey was not only about me finding my voice, it widened my thinking and changed how I see things”

“I have been given the tools and guidance to become a great leader now it’s just up to me to set course and navigate my own path”

“Being a young adult fresh out of school, my ideas of leadership were based on what I learnt through being a prefect and so on. This course made me realise how leadership in schools is based on the false sense of leadership and therefore I feel that even scholars should be given a chance to learn these aspects of leaderships.”

“I realised I have to start working for my future self today”

“I learnt the leadership of serving others, to always put the people before you. Being a person of your word.”

“As much as this course was about leadership, there were many other aspects of the program that I really enjoyed. I met insane, but wonderful people, it really opened my eyes. I was negative above everything to do with South Africa, but after this programme everything changed. I feel positive, I feel that I can make a difference.”

“The programme has made me aware of a whole lot of things which I would see happening, but wouldn't pay much attention to. It has raised awareness in me about the many social issues and the leadership dilemmas that happen in every day society. I am now able to critic things where I believe there are moral issues and commend where I believe the right decision was made.”

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