Warehouse - ROMEX

ROMEX was established some 18 years ago and had as its main objective to improve the quality of life of the sick, frail and disabled members of society with medical equipment donated from generous sponsors in the medical field, that modernise their equipment on a regular basis. Over the years millions of rands worth of equipment have been sent to the Warehouse in East London and collected, safeguarded and distributed by volunteer Rotarians and distributed to recipients across South Africa.
Since the passing of Dr Henk Kayser, the Founder of Romex, the supply of Medical Equipment from abroad has by and large dried up and needs to be actively pursued again. The Rotary Foundation would be willing to enter into a Global Grant with Gately, who manages the Warehouse, provided an International Sponsor Club could be found to partner Gately and any other local Clubs who have a particular interest in this project.
The Gately Warehouse has since taken on a life of its own with the warehousing of JAM products, a nutritious dry foodstuff, sponsored by KFC and fed to some 10,000 children on a daily basis, at Early Childhood Centres, around the Eastern Cape.  
The Gately Warehouse also stocks a vast quantity of foodstuff donated by Brand Houses of goods, where labels and packages have been damaged and earmarked for children orphanages and old age homes. The project is known as Robin Good.
As Gately Club exclusively carries the cost of operating this warehouse at present, whilst benefits accrue to recipients across our District, it is envisaged to engage the private sector and other Rotary Clubs in a Joint Venture Not For Gain Partnership. This Vision is to be realized  in the near future, whereby additional funds would be sourced from the Private Sector as well as the Rotary Foundation, in order to establish a First Class facility to the benefit of many citizens across the entire District.
Interested parties are invited to make contact with the Gately Rotary Club, in order to engage constructively in a meaningful way to improve the lives of so many people in desperate need of help.